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FEATURED SHOP: Beyond Bijoux

When she’s not assisting surgeons at her full-time job of 20 years as the Clinical Director at Aiken’s orthopedic practice, CMI, you’ll find Bobby Walker tending to her downtown boutique, Beyond Bijoux.

Bobby opened Beyond Bijoux about six years ago. When she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a costume designer, but with age and real life came focus and responsibility, which led Bobby to become a nurse instead. Beyond Bijoux has been an outlet for her to get to “dress people up” on a different level.

Beyond Bijoux is a boutique where EVERYONE can shop. Bobby has made every effort to create a beautiful space with a fun shopping atmosphere that is affordable for any budget. She believes that everyone should be able to shop in downtown Aiken and she is doing her part to make that a reality.

If you shop at Beyond Bijoux, you can feel confident that you won’t find twenty or even five people with the same piece of jewelry on. Bobby hand-selects each piece that she carries in the store.

If you’ve been following Beyond Bijoux on social media or if you walk past the shop often, then you probably already know how much this small boutique gives back to the Aiken community. Bobby makes it a point to donate baskets and gift certificates to as many school and church raffles as she can. She also often holds fundraisers in the store where she donates a portion of the proceeds to local charities, especially if they involve children or animals.

Beyond Bijoux has been a part of the family since it launched on September 1, 2019. Bijoux sells many beautiful pieces of jewelry, handbags, and apparel on their store.

“For Bijoux and Aiken, I think is a great thing that gives us exposure in unity as a town and a group of business owners who respect the value of the internet, but still really value the idea of community and meeting your neighbors and actually touching something you want to purchase! My experience has been wonderful! I have already met several people who had not yet experienced our storefront.”

The next time you’re on Laurens Street, stop by the shop. Until then, shop Beyond Bijoux on

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