ROAD TO SUCCESS: 6 Tips to Run a Successful Online Store

ROAD TO SUCCESS: 6 Tips to Run a Successful Online Store


1. Upload products often.

Online shoppers love fresh, new products! Give your customers a reason to check your online store regularly.

2. Use social media to your advantage.

When you upload a new product to, share it on Facebook, Instagram, etc! Let people know that they can purchase your awesome new products on Also, when you tag us on social media, we will share your post too! Encourage your followers to like and share your posts, create contests, and offer coupons.

3. Create coupons.

Customers love a good deal! Try experimenting with creating coupons in your vendor dashboard. You can control the type, amount, and availability of your coupons. If you would like some help, contact us!

4. Use good images.

Put your best foot forward when it comes to posting images of your products! Try to use high-res images. Also, consider using images of models wearing or using your products. Customers love to see how items look in real-life settings!

5. Experiment with video reviews.

Get a trusted customer to give an honest review of your product. Video reviews build buyer trust and are the most effective way to sell your products online! If you’d like to provide this for you, let us know!

6. Shipping

Consider offering free shipping if a customer spends a certain amount of money in your store. While the upfront cost of offering free shipping may hurt at first, many merchants see a greater return with increased purchases after offering the policy.


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